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Understanding smoke control areas

What is a smoke control area? If you live in a town or a city, it is most likely that you live in what is called a Smoke Control Area, sometimes called a smoke control zone. These areas were put in place following the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 to reduce pollution derived from smoke, dust and fumes from domestic and industrial buildings. You can check if you… read more

Published: 25-02-2020

The Gas Log Burner

A gas stove or fire can be a great answer for those that want a heat source designed with simplicity in mind, and yet with a realistic wood burning look. Design The Yeoman gas log burners look just like a real wood burning stove, which means you do not need to compromise on authenticity or on the interior aspirations you had for your home. There are a wide variety of… read more

Published: 17-02-2020