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A 5kW Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove with a Mighty Flame Picture

Do you desire the magnificent flame visuals of a large stove, but without the extra heat output? If so, look no further than the eagerly anticipated Yeoman CL5 Wide.

Taking our tried and tested modern-traditional Yeoman CL range, we’ve managed to capture the superb flames of our larger models with the versatility of the mid-sized ones. Which means that standard British living rooms can now enjoy bigger, more impressive flame visuals.

What’s more, the Yeoman CL5 Wide is shallower still than typical 5kW stoves, meaning that if floor space is at a premium, or your fireplace isn’t particularly deep, this slimline option could be the perfect choice.

How did we do this?
Starting with flame visuals, we designed the Yeoman CL 5 Wide with a large viewing window to give the best possible picture. Powerful Airwash jets blast air down the inside of the glass to remove any build-up of soot and tar, keeping the view clear.
To keep the heat output to around the optimum 5kW needed for most room sizes, we added a clever double baffle system.
Cleanburn tertiary airflow systems ensure the CL 5 Wide provides low-emission heat with minimal smoke (when burnt correctly with good wood) making it exempt from the Smoke Control Areas usually found in towns and cities.

A stove to suit your Lifestyle
Want the deliciously ambient warmth of a wood fire? No problem. The CL 5 Wide is designed to burn logs with high efficiency. But if you’d rather opt for smokeless fuel, this versatile stove can be selected with the optional multi-fuel kit for complete fuel flexibility.

The Yeoman CL 5 Wide is expected to be available soon – just in time for those chilly nights. Contact your local retailer to see if they can show you the CL5 Wide in person.

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