Are you ready for the big freeze? | Yeoman Stoves

Are you ready for the big freeze?

This weekend, the UK is set to experience some cold weather but are you ready for it? Harsh temperatures can often disrupt our daily lives. It is important to be aware and be prepared in order to keep warm and healthy throughout these colder months.

Ensure that you have the right heating appliance to keep you and your home warm and toasty. For those woodburning stove or fire owners, make sure you have a decent supply of logs. Choosing your wood supplier is important. It is essential to choose a log supplier that manages sustainable woodlands to help reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, a reputable supplier also provides well seasoned wood.  Well seasoned wood will have been left to dry for two years to ensure the moisture content is below 20%. This results in a greater heat output from your wood burner.

For those who prefer the convenience of gas and electric fires, it is important to have a highly efficient appliance.  This is because almost all of the heat generated is pumped into your room, making the most of the energy used and helping you to reduce your monthly bills. Yeoman has a selection of highly efficient gas and electric fires.  The Dartmoor gas stove is up to 82% efficient and incorporates a highly realistic log effect complemented by beautiful dancing flames. This charming gas fire may be the perfect companion for you and your home. It is even available in an electric version.

Whatever you plan to do this coming weekend, make sure you have a cosy home to get back to. If, however, you are still thinking of purchasing a heating appliance for your home, why not visit a local Yeoman retailer to find out more.

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