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What are the Benefits to Purchasing a Gas Log Burner?


For those of you that want the ultimate easy and convenient heat source for your home, you might want to consider the Yeoman’s range of gas log burners. No dealing with the fuss of purchasing wood, or having to dry it out yourself and then burn it, as many of the Yeoman gas log burner range come with the ability to be controlled manually and via remote control, which means that you can control your gas log burner with the touch of a button from the comfort of your sofa!


Yeoman gas stoves and fires look just like real log burners, as they offer realistic flames but with the added convenience of heat at the touch of a button. They are ideal for those that want a wood burning effect, but cannot store logs or do not want to light a real fire. There are a wide variety ranging from contemporary gas stoves as well as traditional – there is something for everyone!

Easy Installation

The Yeoman gas range offers both conventional and balanced flue versions. A conventional flue gas stove requires a chimney in order to function, whereas a balanced flue model means that they do not require a chimney in order to work within the home. A balanced flue system vents directly to an outside wall with a twin-wall pipe. This allows for air for combustion to be drawn in directly to the appliance, and for combustion gases to exit the home safely.

A Centrepiece For The Home!

Having a gas stove installed can be a beautiful addition to your home! Gas log burners come in a variety of designs and tastes to suit any home, whether it be for the more contemporary town house or the more traditional cottage, a gas log burner acts as a centrepiece for any home, and upon installation it instantly creates the perfect hygge feeling!

So, if you haven’t been completely convinced, then find out more about our gas log burners by visiting your local expert retailer today!

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