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Best Yeoman Stoves for Traditional Interiors

When someone mentions traditional woodburners, what comes to mind? Smoky, old stoves with blacked up windows? If so, you are in for a surprise.

Our stunning traditional stove designs combine age-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge combustion systems. Modern features such as large, clear glass viewing panels with Airwash provide stunning flame visuals and high efficiency heat.

The perfect stove for a snug

Do you have a cosy corner perfect for a  glowing little wood burner to? Look no further than the traditionally styled Exmoor. Despite its small stature, This compact stove has character in spades and provides a generous 4.9kW of heat. Perfect to warm you up after a brisk winter walk. Thanks to its size and heat output, you don’t need to install this stove with an additional room vent, meaning there’s no unwanted drafts.

This stylish woodburning and multi-fuel stove range can be selected with or without a canopy, depending on how traditional you want to go. Designed to be a practical heat source for any home, Exmoor stoves are exempt from DEFRA smoke control zones, so you can outfit your house with this beautiful little stove wherever your location.

A whole home heating solution

Some stoves don’t just provide heat for the room they are  installed in. Specially designed Yeoman traditional wood burning and multi-fuel boiler stoves can actually be connected to your home’s central heating system, to generate high efficiency heating for the whole property. Depending on your requirements, you can decide to have your high output Yeoman boiler stove augment an existing gas or oil smart boiler to lower your bills, or even provide the sole heat source – for complete off-grid living.

The classical wood burning and multi-fuel Country 80HB provides up to 25kW, enough heat to be able heat the an 8000BTU hot water cylinder and up to 19 radiators – so you can really get the most out of your stove! Double cast iron doors feature decorative Tudor Rose crosses for a period aesthetic, which can be removed for a clearer flame view.

Tradition with a modern twist

Prefer something with a more modern feel? Our Yeoman CL stoves add a contemporary take on the traditional stove, whilst still being a great match for period settings.

The heavy cast iron feel is preserved in the door and top plate. A gently curving front, clean aesthetics and stylish bevel add visual interest whilst demonstrating the craftsmanship and engineering behind the design.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of minimalism to a period fireplace or cottage inglenook, the CL stove range features small to large stoves with additional Midline and Highline base options for extra height if needed.


To see which Yeoman stove is perfect for your home, visit your local Yeoman stockist. Whilst showcasing a range of Yeoman products, often burning, they will also be able to give you advice on what size stove will be best for your home.


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