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Boiler stoves – 5 Reasons to Buy!

As temperatures begin to drop and autumn storms arrive, many of us will be considering replacing inefficient heating systems, or supplementing our existing ones. Whilst you may have investigated conventional boilers or underfloor heating, you may not have considered a high-output boiler stove.

Here are five reasons why one of Yeoman’s boiler stoves should be at the top of your Christmas list…

1.)Heat up to 19 radiators and your domestic hot water

Depending on the size of the property, Yeoman boiler stoves heat anywhere from 8 to 19 radiators whilst also feeding an average 8000BTU hot water cylinder.

The exact number of radiators will depend on the number of rooms you wish to heat and the size of these rooms, and your local Yeoman retailer can help you ensure you select a stove that meets your requirements. Radiators come in a variety of sizes/capacities but, for example, a typical 400mm high x 1000mm wide, single panel radiator requires 2500BTU/hr.

2.) ‘Link-up’ to your existing heating system

If you would rather complement your existing system, you can still reduce your reliance on gas and oil by linking your Yeoman boiler stove to your current heating. You can link your boiler stove to a range of systems including conventional oil or gas central heating, gas or oil sealed heating systems, combi boilers, underfloor heating and even solar panels, decreasing your overall heating costs.

There is a ‘link up’ guide showing typical arrangements and covering some frequently asked questions. You may find it useful to download this “Link Up” PDF before discussing your requirements with a qualified heating engineer.

3.) A range of high output boiler stove models

Yeoman high-output boiler stoves are designed for multi-fuel use and incorporate an externally operated riddling grate. Multi-fuel stoves means you can burn a variety of fuels including wood. Fuels will include smokeless fuels, anthracite and peat/turn briquettes.

Many home owners to choose to burn wood because of its carbon neutral benefits or they may have an abundant supply of logs locally, whatever the reasons you choose to burn wood, Yeoman also have a range of dedicated wood burning hight output stove models to select from.

With a range of styles and sizes to choose from, whichever model you choose, you will enjoy all the atmosphere of a real fire and exceptional heating performance for other areas of your home.

4.) Innovative Technology

Technical advances in stove design such as Cleanburn technology ensure that most stoves and fires have outstanding efficiencies. A Cleanburn wood burning stove results in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

Cleanburn technology introduces a supply of pre-heated air through a heat exchanger chamber within the firebox. It is then drawn into the smokestream, where it combust unburnt hydrocarbons to provide a cleaner burn and greater thermal efficiency.

5.) An attractive stove in your home

Last but not least, alongside heating your home you also gain the added benefit of a stunning stove in your room. Unlike a conventional heating system, your boiler stove is not condemned to a cupboard, but a warming focal point giving out heat to the room.

When it comes to style, boiler stoves are offered in both traditional and contemporary designs to suit a variety of interiors. Our traditional Devon 50HB high output boiler stove looks equally at home in the fireplace of a modern house or the inglenook of a country cottage. Designed to provide an outstanding focal point for your living space, the CL8 high output boiler stove is the largest of the CL range is comes complete with an impressive decorative cast top.

For more information on Yeoman’s range of high-output boiler stoves, visit your local Yeoman retailer.

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