Smoke Control Areas

Smoke Control Areas

Smoke Control Area

What is a Smoke Control Area?

Smoke Control Areas were declared by local authorities in the 1950s and 60s to control emissions of smoke, dust and fumes in urban areas. Today, many large towns and cities are located in Smoke Control Areas. To find out if you live in a Smoke Control Area, you need to contact your local council.

What does it mean if I live in a Smoke Control Area?

If you live in Smoke Control Area, you cannot emit smoke from a chimney unless you burn an authorised fuel or you use an exempt appliance.

Authorised fuels are generally smokeless fuels and NOT wood. On the DEFRA website, you can find a list of authorised fuels that can be burnt in your non-exempt stove or fire. If you would like to burn wood, you must install a Smoke Control Kit in your non-exempt appliance. Please consult your local Yeoman retailer for further advice and information.

For homeowners who are looking to replace their inefficient heating appliance or thinking of purchasing an exempt stove or fire (often referred to as “Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas”), Yeoman have a wide range of stoves, fires and fireplaces that are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. These exempt appliances have been tested to demonstrate particularly clean burning combustion.