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Why choose a contemporary gas log burner?

There are a variety of contemporary gas log burners to choose from if you are have a more modern home. With beautiful curved design, our modern-traditional styling of the CL gas log burner ranges is designed for hearth mounted installations and will make a stylish solution for smaller homes.

The CL gas log burners is compatible with our optional linerless flue kit. The kit comprises a specifically designed terminal and a short piece of flexible, stainless steel flue pipe and has been specifically created to be slotted into your masonry chimney in place of a full liner.

This reduces the need for building work and any associated labour, facilitating a simpler and more cost effective installation.

1. CL 530 Gas Log Burner
With versatile aesthetics that will blend effortlessly into both traditional and contemporary interiors, the portrait CL 530 gas log burner has a subtle curving front. You can choose from a range of linings: Vermiculite, Black Reeded, Black Glass and Brick effect. It is also available in both conventional and balanced flue options.

This beautiful gas log burner can be controlled from the comfort of your sofa with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control handset.

2. CL 670 Gas Log Burner
The CL 670 is beautiful landscape gas log burner features gently curving form that elegantly bridges the traditional and the contemporary with its sophisticated timeless style. It can be operated with ease from the Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control. You can select from one of the striking lining options to tailor it to the style of your home.

3. CL7 Gas Log Burner
Featuring exceptional high efficiency and modern-traditional elegance, the CL7 gas log burner is designed to fit into a standard 16″ fireplace opening. You can choose from either a coal or log effect fuel bed. There is also an innovative slider control option that allows the fire’s hearth-level controls to be operated from the top of the fire, making them even easier to reach.

To view one of this fantastic log burners, visit your local Yeoman retailer now.

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