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Why Choose an Electric Log Burner?

Electric log burners have many advantages. They provide a localised heat source instantly without having to be fuelled up or waiting for the central heating to kick in. And since they don’t actually burn anything, you won’t need to store fuel or arrange for your stove to be connected up to a gas main.

Another key benefit of electric stoves is that they don’t require a chimney or flue system. This means you have the freedom to position them anywhere you can plug in to a three-pin plug socket, making them great for chilly hallways or drafty conservatories. And whilst they are not designed to generate the same sort of heat output as a gaswood burning or multi-fuel stove, thanks to their design they can provide the superb flame visuals of a wood fire with or without heat, so you can enjoy the ambience of your stove all year round.

Yeoman electric stoves feature a sturdy cast iron and steel construction, eye-catching visuals, a handy remote control and look just like a real wood burning stove. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular Yeoman electric stove models.

Yeoman Exmoor Electric Stove

Combining the charm of a woodburner with all the convenience of electric, the compact Exemoor Electric stove is perfect for making even a corridor cosy and inviting. VeriFlame™ technology makes this little stove come to life with three brightness settings as well as amber or blue flame effects to suit your mood.

Yeoman CL3 Electric Stove

Stylish clean lines, a curved front and bevelled door gives the CL3 Electric stove irresistible charm. Like the Exmoor above, the CL3 Electric stove is great for small spaces, adding warmth and ambience wherever it is positioned. Depending on your needs, select 1kW or 2kW heat outputs, or simply enjoy the flame effect on its own.

Yeoman Dartmoor Electric Stove

Available in both single and double door versions, the substantial Dartmoor Electric stove brings classic looks and elegant style to any interior. Double door versions feature tasteful Tudor Rose door crosses that can be removed if desired for an uninterrupted view of the flame effect. Low energy LED illumination minimises energy consumption when the heat output is not required.

Yeoman CL5 Electric Stove

An extraordinarily versatile electric stove, the CL5 Electric works equally well in modern or traditional homes alike and features a smart Metallic Black finish and stylish stainless steel handle. Complete with our Veriflame™ technology, the enticing flame effect and realistic hand-painted fuel bed can be enjoyed with or without the 1 to 2kW heat output. For added presence, this attractive electric stove can be selected in Midline and Highline log store versions, which elevates the visuals and enhances the wood stove aesthetic when stacked with logs.

Yeoman CL8 Electric Stove

Built with the same methods as our gas and solid fuel versions, the CL8 Electric stove looks every bit as authentic as a real log burner. An expansive glass window offers a stunning view of the hand painted log effect and VeriFlame™ visuals, which provide three different flame brightness levels including an additional blue flame effect when set to high. For added impact, the CL8 Electric can be paired with our range of sophisticated Stovax stove benches.

Where can I buy a Yeoman Electric Stove?

To see our range of Yeoman Electric stoves and truly appreciate their superb visuals and high quality construction, contact your local Yeoman retailer. They will be happy to show you various models, demonstrate their flame effect and heat settings as well as answer any questions you might have.

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