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Why choose a traditional wood burning stove?

What is a traditional style?
Offering a combination of timeless style inspired by 18th and 19th centuries, homes with a more traditional style includes several design elements such as classic art, antiques and pieces with history.

Traditional interior seeks to create a calm, orderly space so furnishings tend to match and symmetrical lines are important. Grandeur accessories are also significant in this design. These commonly used traditional accessories such as candle handles, vases and chandeliers, and china, silver, and gold. If you are looking to create a focal point such as a fireplace, traditional wood burning stoves will be the perfect focal point in traditionally styled room.

What traditional wood burning stoves are available?
From the compact Exmoor wood burning stove to the grander County, these stoves incorporate the unmistakable atmosphere of a real log or smokeless fuelled fire. Yeoman has a wide selection of traditional wood burning stoves to cater a range of classically styled homes.

Perfectly suited in the inglenook of a country cottage, the traditional Devon wood burning stove is a highly popular model with an impressive heat output of up to 9kW. It is also suitable for homes in a Smoke Control Area.

The neat and compact Exmoor wood burning stove is designed to fit neatly in a traditional ‘builder’s opening’. With its gentle curved front and sides, this traditional wood burning stove is particularly suited to smaller rooms.

Whether as a centre piece to an open living space, or as a connecting feature between two separate rooms, our traditional double-sided wood burning stove is available in a variety of models: Exe, Devon and County.

If you are looking to purchase a wood burning stove before the start of the autumn season, now is the perfect time to speak your local retailer about the process of installing one in your home.

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