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Buying a stove? Here are some top tips

An impressive stove can add the heart that makes a home, bringing warmth, ambiance and a place for family to gather around. But before you purchase your stove, it’s worth considering your options and knowing where expert advice can come in handy.

Giving your fireplace an upgrade

Depending on your property, you may be able to simply have a stove installed into your existing fireplace’s opening. Wood burning and multi-fuel traditional or contemporary stoves will offer a much higher heat output and efficiency than an open fire. Yeoman solid fuel stoves are engineered to let you control the amount of air that enters the stove, meaning the fuel can be burnt at efficiency levels of up to 85%. This means more heat entering the room – in contrast, open fires only provide around 25% heating efficiency, losing the other 75% up the chimney.

Alternatively, you might consider a gas  stove to give you all the ambience of a woodburner with ‘turn-on, turn-off’ convenience. Yeoman modern or traditional gas stoves feature highly realistic log effects and eye-catching flame visuals with a high efficiency heat output that can be controlled using various remote options.

If you plan to fit a Yeoman wood burning, multi-fuel or gas stove to your existing chimney, pop by one of our independent retailers. They can arrange a site survey, where a qualified installer will be able to inspect your fireplace opening and chimney, checking for blockages or leaks and whether or not the chimney needs to be lined. A sound chimney will usually mean a simple sweep is all that’s needed. Your retailer will also be able to take into account your room size and heating needs to help you choose the right stove for your home.

No chimney required

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t actually need a chimney to enjoy a solid fuel or gas stove. Yeoman solid fuel modern and traditional stoves can be installed freestanding, with a flue pipe connecting to a prefabricated chimney system. Prefabricated chimneys such as Stovax Professional XQ can either exit through the wall to a system mounted to the exterior of the property or travel through the house and exit through the roof with a weatherproof seal.

Similarly, Yeoman modern and traditional gas stoves are also available in specially designed versions that do not require a chimney.  These balanced flue stoves use a twin wall pipe that both draws in combustion air and expels combustion gases, and can either exit through an exterior wall or roof, if desired.

As mentioned above, a site survey from your local retailer is the best place to start when working out what is needed to install a solid fuel or gas stove in your home. But if you’re not looking for a substantial heat output, an electric stove can be added without any installation work, requiring just a three pin plug socket. Using our ambient Veriflame technology, these stoves provide cosy visuals and atmospheric glow at the touch of a button, which can be enjoyed with or without the heat.

Contemporary and traditional Yeoman stoves 

Yeoman stoves come in a variety of styles, making it easier than ever to find one that is a perfect match for your home. For more traditional decors, there are a range of classically styled wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric  stoves well suited to period interiors. Offered in a wide range of heat outputs and sizes, these elegant stoves can grace homes small and large.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, our CL range offers the perfect balance of modern styling and rustic charm. Available in solid fuelgas or electric these sleek and minimalist stoves make a subtle designer statement wherever they are installed. For more information on Yeoman stoves and to see them burning, visit your local Yeoman retailer.

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