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A Christmas of Rustic Charm and Easy Living with Yeoman CL Gas Stoves

CL5 Midline Gas_2

Breathtakingly real flames, easy remote control operation and tasteful modern traditional aesthetics make Yeoman CL gas stoves a great option for adding heat and style to your home this Christmas.

Featuring a highly realistic log effect fuel bed and superb flame visuals, these contemporary gas stoves effortlessly create the same inviting warmth as their wood burning counterparts.

Both flames and heat output are controlled using the remote control, which can be upgraded to a Programmable Thermostatic handset allowing your stove to maintain a comfortable room temperature or even come on automatically at a preset time.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel, CL gas stoves can be flued from either the top or the rear, offering versatile installation options. Choose from three different sizes including the CL3, CL5 and CL8 for various heat outputs to suit a range of room sizes.

There are also CL5 Midline or Highline log store models, which increase the stove’s vertical presence and can be packed with chopped logs for the ultimate rustic look.

CL gas stoves offer ample heat output at outstanding efficiency levels, and are available in natural gas or LPG versions. Alternatively, why not consider the wood burning and multi-fuel CL versions for the authentic hearth, or for ultimate ease – the electric CL models that only require a plug socket for installation!

For more information, visit your local Yeoman retailer.

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