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How to create the perfect Hygge-inspired home

What is Hygge (pronounced hue-gah)?
Hygge is Danish concept meaning enjoying the feeling of cosiness and the simple pleasures in life! By focusing on spending quality time with family and friends and surrounding your home with all things warm and comforting, you will be truly on your way to a hygge inspired lifestyle.

We have put together a few tips on how to achieve a hygge-inspired home.

Candles & Hygge
Using candles is an important aspect of achieving a hygge environment. Dotting some pillar candles and tea lights (in safe containers!) will not only achieve soft lighting but also provide a tranquil space for you to rest your eyes and relax.

Wood burning stove & Hygge
Enjoying a good book and watching the soft flickering of the flames and hearing the crackling of the wood from your wood burning stove or fire will give you a total sense of relaxation. This ‘back to basics’ feel of a wood burning stove achieves the sense of fulfillment and cosiness –a very hygge concept!

Yeoman has a wide selection of wood burning stoves and fires. You can view one by visiting your local Yeoman retailer.

Family, Friends & Hygge
The art of hygge can also be achieved by a sense of ‘togetherness’ and enjoying time with family and friends can help you accomplish this. Inviting your nearest and dearest to your home and cooking a heart-warming meal is another excellent way to indulge in hyggee – hygge is after all best enjoyed with family and friends! Why not enjoy a gathering around your wood burning fire!

Finally by enjoying the surroundings around you and especially your home is the key idea behind hygge. Turning your home into a cosy sanctuary to ‘escape’ the stressors of everyday will enable you to experience real relaxation. Enjoying the tiny moments that make you smile or anything that uplifts your soul will help you be a step to a hygge inspired lifestyle.

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