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Electric stove in a new build

If you live in a new build home, and want the very easiest installation option for a fireplace, your best bet is to choose an electric stove or fire.

Ease of installation

Electric stoves have many benefits, but ease of installation tends to be a huge attraction for people. Only requiring connection to the mains via a standard plug point, these appliances need little more than positioning where you like, and switching on.

Yeoman’s electric stoves can be used in whichever room you desire. There is no need for a chimney, unless you want to recreate the look for an authentic finish – they can simply stand alone, plugged into a 13amp socket.

Range of styles and designs

Depending on your preference, Yeoman offer a range of both traditional and contemporary electric log burners. The Exmoor, for example, is a neat and compact little electric stove, that would make a great addition to a conservatory or boot room.

Stoves such as the CL5 Highline from Yeoman offer a fantastic centrepiece, rivalling real log burners with their good looks and realistic display. The CL5 Highline even offers an integrated log store, which you can fill with real wood to emulate the aesthetic of having a wood burner in your home.

Convenient control

If you enjoyed the ease of installation, you’ll love the ease of operation, too. Many of Yeoman’s electric stoves are supplied with a remote control handset as standard, meaning you can sit back, relax, and control the heat of your stove from the comfort of your sofa.

Living in a new build house does not mean you cannot have a wood burning, multi-fuel or gas stove. If you want to find out more about fitting these types of fireplaces into a new property, read this helpful guide.

Many of our Yeoman approved expert retailers are offering advice via phone, email and social media. Find your local retailer here, and get in touch with them to plan your future fireplace!

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