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Gas log burners – Top Five!

If you have been looking to purchase a gas log burner, now is the perfect time to visit your local Yeoman retailer before the autumn season begins as appointments tend to get booked up once the busy winter period starts. Your expert retailer will be able to do the site survey and help you choose the most suitable gas log burner for your home.

We have put together a range of contemporary and traditional gas log burners to choose from.

1.Exmoor Gas Log Burner

Exmoor gas log burner

The popular Exmoor gas log burner can be installed in almost any room. With a heat output of up to 2.5kW, this traditional gas log burner can be installed without the need for a chimney!

2.Dartmoor Gas Log Burner

Dartmoor gas log burner

For a larger traditional looking gas log burner, the Dartmoor gas stove has heat output of up to 5.5kW and has a wide selection of styling options to help you tailer your home’s interior, including the option of a high canopy.

3.CL3 gas log burner

CL3 gas log burner

Yeoman also offer contemporary gas log burners, if your home has a more modern interior. The CL3 gas log burner is a more compact stove from the contemporary gas stove range. Featuring modern, smooth lines, this high efficiency gas stove provides a realistic log effect fuel bed.

4.CL5 Midline Gas Log Burner

CL5 Midline gas log burner

Featuring an integral log store to achieve the real-fire look, the CL5 Midline gas log burner displays the same handsome looks of the standard CL5 gas stove.

5.CL8 Gas Log Burner

CL8 gas log burner

The largest and most powerful gas log burner in the contemporary range is the CL8 gas stove. With a heat output of up to 5.6kW, this contemporary gas stove is capable of providing ambient heat to larger rooms for the whole family to enjoy.

All gas log burners have the additional option of the state of the art Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable remote control system. Fully programmable, the optional remote upgrade allows your gas log burner to be set to automatically switch on or off and change temperature according to your exact requirements.

Visit your local Yeoman retailer now.

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