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Stylish Gas Stoves Designed & Engineered in Britain

From our humble origins over 30 years ago on a farm near Dartmoor, renowned for its cold winters, Yeoman has grown to become one of Britain’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers.

Today, we offer an increasingly diverse range of technically advanced gas stoves in both traditional and contemporary designs alongside the broad selection of solid fuel products with which we started our journey.

Our stylish range of gas stoves are designed to provide the look and feel of a log burner, without having to refuel or store logs.

Each features a highly realistic fuel-effect that has been hand painted to appear just like the real thing. Advanced gas burners provide dancing flames to create a mesmerising focal point. All models in our gas stove range incorporates advanced gas fire technology,  ensuring your home receives high efficiency heating.

Granting complete convenience, our Yeoman gas stoves can be operated with an optional remote control, meaning you don’t even need to get up from the sofa! Our Programmable Thermostatic handset, available on certain models, gives you the option to schedule your gas stove to suit your lifestyle.

For stunningly modern looks, check out our stylish CL gas stove range. Built just as sturdily as our wood burning versions, these gas stoves feature a cast iron door and top for that high quality feel.

Depending on your requirements, you can select the perfect size for your home. The compact CL3 fits perfectly into smaller spaces or inglenooks and provides up to 2.7kW depending on model. For standard sized rooms, the CL5 is a practical choice delivering up to 3.5kW of heat. You can also opt for various versions including Midline and Highline models for added height and presence. The largest model in the CL range, the CL8 generates up to 5.6kW of heat and is a great option for larger rooms where expansive flame visuals and ample warmth are required.

Should you require a more classically styled looking gas stove, take a look at our elegant ExmoorExe or Dartmoor stoves. These period influenced stoves each have attractive Tudor Roses that offer a more rustic look. Despite their traditional looks, each of these models feature our innovative gas fire technology for easy control and enhanced heating performance.

We have designed many of our Yeoman gas stoves to allow you to enjoy them with or without a chimney or even a gas connection to your home. Should your home not have masonry chimney, choose one of our balanced flue models that require only a terminal on the exterior of the property to remove flue gases. And if your property is not on the gas grid, you can choose one of our LPG gas stoves.

For more information on Yeoman gas stoves, please visit your local Yeoman retailer who will be able to help you choose the right stove for your home.






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