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Getting your fireplace ready for winter

The nights are drawing in and the colours are changing; you’re thinking about getting your fireplace ready for the winter months. Depending on what your property has to offer, there are a host of heating options available to you for the type of stove or fire to install.

Living flames from a wood burning stove or fire

It’s easy to see why a wood burning stove is an attractive option. Living flames make for a homely atmosphere, creating that fireside ambience so many of us love. Wood is also considered by many to be one of the most eco-friendly fuel types. Virtually carbon neutral, wood is a renewable energy that when burnt cleanly releases approximately the same amount of carbon as was absorbed during the tree’s growth. Some Yeoman stoves, such as the County boiler stove, offers the option to also supply you with hot water and central heating.

Electric: perfect for the rented property

If you have moved into a rental property where your scope for home alterations is limited, a solid fuel or gas fire might be out of the picture. However, you can still create a stunning focal point by investing in an electric stove or fire. Smaller stoves such as the Yeoman Exe simply require a three pin socket and can be moved from room to room. Alternatively, if you are looking for a stove with a little more vertical presence, the Yeoman CL5 Highline electric stove boasts both height and an integrated log store base – ideal for if you want to replicate the wood burner look.

Contemporary convenience

Gas stoves and fires offer you realistic fuel effects, but with the convenience of being able to have instant heat at the touch of a button. With gas stoves and fires, you also don’t have to source or restock your fuel supply. Yeoman’s Dartmoor gas stove features a highly realistic log effect, whilst maintaining a traditional wood burner look.

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