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How to light your Yeoman wood burning or multi-fuel stove

Whether you choose a traditional or contemporary wood burning or multi-fuel Yeoman stove, each is designed to to burn beautifully and be easy to light.

This blog will show you the right technique for lighting your Yeoman stove or fire, with quick and consistent results.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves burn best when they are nice and hot. The hotter the fire inside, the more air is drawn into the stove. Combustion air feeds the fire and raises the temperature, which can be regulated with the air controls.

As the stove gets hotter, the air in the chimney above warms up. The rising temperature increases the draw (the pull of smoke from the chimney), which helps the stove burn cleanly and efficiently and provides lots of cosy heat.

But what if its a chilly morning and your stove is cold? Using the ‘top-down’ stove lighting technique explained below, you can get a good blaze going quickly.  Although it might seem a bit different to the usual approach, this clever method will have you basking in that fireside ambience before you know it. Read on to find out how!

‘Light right’ – with the top down method

The first thing you’ll need is good dry wood with a moisture content of less than 20%. Use a moisture meter to test your logs, or purchase Ready to Burn wood. This wood has been certified to be dry enough to burn immediately and is a great option if you need to wait for wood you’ve gathered yourself to season.

Choose some small to medium sized logs and place two, side-by-side in the bottom of your stove, leaving at least a log sized gap between them for airflow. Place two smaller logs across the larger two, creating the beginnings of a stack. Place a firelighter in the centre.

Next, take around eight pieces of kindling and build a criss-crossing stack on top of your logs. Your stack should finish nice and high in the stove. Take another eco firelighter and rest it on the very top of your kindling.

You’re almost done. All you need to do now is make sure your stove’s air controls are open. This will make sure your stove gets plenty of air, which is just what it needs to feed the fire. Your stove’s manual will be able to show you how to operate the air controls, if needed.

Light the firelighter on top of your kindling, and leave the door ajar to ensure plenty of air can get into the stove. This firelighter will start the fire right where the heat is needed, just below the flue. Any cold air in the chimney will be heated as fast as possible, increasing the stove draw.

When the kindling stack is burning well, close the door. Your Yeoman stove will now draw air through its air controls. The burning kindling will soon drop down and ignite the firelighter between the logs.

Once the logs are burning well, you can set your Yeoman stove’s air controls from ‘start-up’ to ‘normal running’. Leave the Airwash control (usually located at the top of your stove door above the glass) open to ensure a clear view of the flames.

By using this easy and effective lighting method, you can make sure your wood burning or multi-fuel stove gets going quickly and efficiently. Remember to refuel little and often, and split any thick logs beforehand to ensure they burn well.

Your expert retailer will be able to give you further advice on lighting your stove, as well as show you a range of high efficiency Yeoman wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.


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