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Looking for a small solid fuel stove?

The lure of a real fire in your home is hard to deny but if you are concerned you may not have the space for a solid fuel stove, look no further than the Yeoman range.

With a depth of just 290mm, the Yeoman Exmoor is a small solid fuel stove capable of burning multi-fuel or just logs as a dedicated wood burner. Approved for use in smoke control areas, the Exmoor is perfect for homes based in urban areas where space can often be at a premium or perhaps for those cosier rooms in your house.

Despite its petite proportions the Exmoor’s size does not dictate a reduced performance. This small solid fuel stove is highly efficient to make the very most of your fuel with a rate of up to 85%. The firebox will emit as much as 4.9kW of heat to ward off the cold during the long winter months.

The CL3 is another small solid fuel stove from the Yeoman range. With simple style that combines clean lines with gently curved contours, the CL3 can create a homely yet contemporary focal point for your home.

Also capable of being burned in smoke control areas, this multi-fuel stove has a marginally deeper, yet still slight depth of 328mm. Efficiency rates however can reach an impressive 86% and this ensures your CL3 will make excellent use of the wood logs or smokeless fuels you feed it as well as reach heat output levels of 3.75kW.

Additionally, both of these small solid fuel stoves have advanced firebox technology built in with the inclusion of Airwash and Cleanburn features. These work to ensure the glass in your stove’s door is kept clear via a simple switch of the Airwash lever. Cleanburn meanwhile introduces pre-heated air into the firebox to burn-off un-burnt hydrocarbons; this creates highly effective combustion and serves to boost the heat output of your stove whilst simultaneously keeping your stove’s chimney cleaner and therefore more effective.

For further advice about small solid fuel stoves as well as how to decide on the right size for your home, visit your local retailer for expert advice. Find your nearest showroom by using our quick and easy postcode search on our website.

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