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Multi-Fuel Stoves and Flexible Fuels

Exmoor Multi-fuel Stove

All of Yeoman’s incredible range of stoves are available as multi-fuel versions, but how can this help you? Well, the great thing about a multi-fuel stove is that you can choose a fuel that is easily accessible and economical for you. Multi-Fuel stoves can burn wood logs, peat or turf briquettes, coal or smokeless fuels. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility, so whether you want to enjoy the carbon-neutral benefits of wood burning or the convenience of smokeless fuels, your stove can fit around your fuel.

Many Yeoman Multi-Fuel stoves are Smoke Control Area Approved, but the flexibility to burn smokeless fuels in a multi-fuel stove means that you can enjoy any Yeoman multi-fuel stove in these areas, provided you choose the correct fuel. To find out what fuel you can burn in Smoke Control Areas, visit the DEFRA website.

Yeoman multi-fuel stoves also offer great flexibility when it comes to design, with traditional, contemporary, double-sided and boiler stoves all available! The Yeoman County Multi-Fuel stove is a great example as this stove can be offered as a boiler version that can heat up to 19 radiators, as a double-sided version that can be enjoyed in two rooms, or simply as a multi-fuel stove with attractive traditional styling.

Whatever your needs, you can find a flexible Yeoman multi-fuel stove for you, just visit your local Yeoman retailer to find out more.

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