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Do I Need A Smoke Control Area Stove?

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With such a wide choice of wood burning stoves on the market today, when you’re looking for that wow factor to install into your home, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. An important consideration for many homeowners however, is choosing the right stove for their location.

For lucky countryside residents, the scope of choice between multi-fuel and wood burning stoves is very wide. For the city dwellers however, the options can be more limited, due mainly to city Smoke Control Area restrictions.

What is a Smoke Control Area?

The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were introduced by local authorities to reduce the high levels of smoke, dust and fumes that would build up in heavily populated areas.

By living in a Smoke Control Area today, you’re prevented from producing smoke from your chimney unless you’re using an authorised fuel (such as smokeless fuel) or a Smoke Control approved appliance.

Today, many large towns and cities across the UK are designated Smoke Control Areas, so choosing the right wood burning stove is a more important decision than normal.

A Cleaner Burn

Among the many stoves available, Yeoman produce a range of highly efficient wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, that are suitable for use in the Smoke Control Areas.

With a good choice of either contemporary and traditional stoves, your interior design and taste need not be compromised by a stove that might not suit your decor.

The CL range comes in a Brilliant Black finish with the Midline and Highline models providing a handy, integrated log store that really adds a nice finishing touch. The CL7 and Milner inset models offer you a space saving option by being installed directly into an existing chimney breast.

For more traditional tastes, the Matt Black Devon, Exe and Exmoor models provide that authentic and established country stove look. Additional colour finishes are also available for these stoves as well.

Having been tested to the highest standards, Yeoman’s exempt appliances can produce high efficiency heat outputs that produce much cleaner burning, resulting in less emissions and a cleaner environment.

The next step…

If you’re in doubt as to whether you live in a Smoke Control Area, your local council will be able to tell you and you can make your purchase based on the result!

To find out more on Yeoman’s range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, use our Find A Retailer function to visit your nearest and get further advice and information.

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