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Plug-in-and-go Electric Stoves

Dartmoor Electric Stove

With the warmth of the late summer slipping away once more, many of us will be turning our thoughts to the autumn and the need to release our winter clothes from storage in preparation for the colder months. We may also be thinking about how best to keep our rooms warm and inviting in the cold months ahead. Installing a fire or stove can be a big project, but a Yeoman electric stove can be plugged into a normal 13amp socket in almost any room, resulting in an easy way of keeping your home snug in the winter.

Electric Stoves produce up to 2kW of heat output, making them ideal for heating various spaces, including hallways, studies, bedrooms and conservatories. What’s more, electric stoves are 99% efficient, so you can be sure the heat they emit is warming your room.

All Yeoman Electric Stoves use innovative VeriFlame™ technology to deliver flame visuals that are incredibly realistic. You can even achieve the look of a glowing stove without the heat and enjoy your electric stove even when the weather is warmer. What makes Yeoman Electric Stoves even easier to use is the convenient remote control that operates them, so on winter evenings you can come in, put your feet up, press a button and get all the benefit of a beautiful electric stove.

Yeoman offers a range of electric stoves in both traditional and contemporary designs. To find out more about Yeoman Electric Stoves, visit your local Yeoman retailer today.

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