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Seeing Double with Yeoman Double-Sided Wood Burning Stoves

County Double-Sided single depth model, with two doors and high canopy

If you are planning to install a wood burning stove, you no doubt want it to be the very heart of your home, where people can gather and warm themselves and enjoy the glow of the flames. But how do you choose where to install your stove?

With a Yeoman Double-Sided Woodburner, you can enjoy twice the stove with one central chimney! These stunning stoves can be viewed from two rooms and provide ample heating, with heat outputs from 9kW up to 22kW, so you can find your perfect option for your room sizes. Or if you are a fan of modern open-plan living, a Yeoman Double-Sided wood burning stove can make a spectacular centrepiece in a large room.

Yeoman offers three attractive Double-Sided wood burning stoves, the Exe Double-Sided, the Devon Double-Sided and the County Double-Sided. Each of these stoves can be offered in single or double depth versions, and some models also offer the flexibility of single or double doors. Whether single or double, the doors open on each side of the stove, ensuring it is convenient to refuel.

There are a number of styling options available to complement your décor, including colour, with blue, brown, black and green all being available. Single door versions can come with Tudor Rose or plain air spinners, whilst some double door versions are offered with removable Tudor Rose door crosses. Depending on the model you choose there are also flat top, low canopy and high canopy options, so whatever your style, you can find a Double-Sided stove to suit you and your interior.

As well as being outstanding statement stoves, Yeoman Double-Sided wood burning stoves have efficiencies of up to 72%, and include the innovative Airwash technology, keeping your stove glass as clean as possible and your view of the flames unimpaired.

Many of the Yeoman Double-Sided Wood Burning Stoves can also be fitted with a multi-fuel kit to allow the burning of coal and approved smokeless fuels such as peat briquettes. The Devon model is additionally available in a gas version.

For more information on Yeoman’s range of Double-Sided wood burning stoves, please contact your local Yeoman retailer.

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