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Yeoman Stoves – Top 5 reasons to buy one!

A picture of a CL3 stove from Yeoman

Once you have narrowed down your choice of heating appliances to a stove, you will come across a variety of designs, styles and fuel types to choose from. Below are the top 5 reasons to buy a stove.

1.) Stoves made from high quality materials

Traditionally, stoves were made from cast iron only, but today you will find a variety of stoves made from cast iron, steel or even both.

If you are looking to buy a cast iron stove, you will find a selection with more traditional designs – suitable for homeowners looking for a more classic look.
Alternatively, steel constructed stoves have a cleaner, more contemporary look which appeals to many modern homes.

2.) Stove efficiency

Developed by engineers in state of the art research and development labs, Yeoman stoves are all tested to strict benchmarks and guidelines to ensure the highest efficiencies possible. To find out the efficiency levels of each appliance, please visit each product page on the website and look for “efficiency”.

3.) A range of stoves suitable for a variety of homes

From rural living to urban style, there is an abundance of stoves to choose from. If you have a smallholding or farmland that can sufficiently supply your own fuel, you may like to choose a more traditional wood burning stove for efficiency and carbon neutral benefits. However, homes in urban and built-up areas can also now enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove. Manufacturers have tested many appliances to ensure that they suit the criteria for this area. Many stoves from Yeoman are suitable for Smoke Control Areas; just make sure you locate the logo, “Smoke Control Area Approved”

Many homes will choose a gas stove for ultimate ease of use and convenience. With a selection of highly realistic log or coal effects (depending on your choice), these gas stoves can be controlled at a flick of a switch or from the comforts of your very own sofa from the remote control handset.

Alternatively, you can add warmth to additional rooms in your homes such as a conservatory or hallways by adding an electric stove. Offering both modern and traditional options and fantastic flame visuals with or without heat, these electric stoves can be installed and enjoyed instantly – even in the summer months!

4.) Style and designs

As discussed earlier, Yeoman has a wide selection of stoves to choose from, offering ranges in both contemporary and traditional styles. Our comprehensive selection of stoves will create a real ambience which can be perfectly attained in rooms of all sizes. From the eye-catching CL range with clean geometric designs, to double-sided stoves that will create the ultimate centre-piece bringing two rooms together.

5.) Stoves availability from a wide variety of retailers

We highly recommend consulting with your Yeoman retailer before undertaking a site survey. They will be able to discuss your individual requirements for both technical issues (such as sizing the heat output to you room and advising on your flue type) and design options, to ensure that you select the most appropriate product for your home.

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