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Top 5 Benefits of a Yeoman Contemporary Wood Burning Stove

Yeoman CL8 Wood Burning

The Yeoman CL range of contemporary stoves provides an attractive look, along with great features that result in stoves that are highly efficient. If you are looking for a contemporary wood burning stove to suit your home, find out why people choose a Yeoman CL Stove!

While two of the CL range, the CL5 and CL8 have dedicated wood burning versions, the other stoves are multi-fuel, meaning you can burn wood and other solid fuels. If you only want to burn wood, it is advisable to buy a dedicated wood burner, as these will be designed to burn wood as efficiently as possible, however if you would like the flexibility of burning other fuels, multi-fuel is a great option. To find out more on the differences between wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, read Yeoman’s expert advice.

Why choose a Yeoman CL?

1.) Sleek and Stylish

The Yeoman CL range of contemporary wood burning stoves has a simple design that is simply perfect for any home. With an elegant, gently curving cast iron top plate, the ‘modern traditional’ styling is completed with a stainless steel handle and contemporary screen printed ceramic glass. This all adds up to a stunning stove that can complement a multitude of interior tastes.

2.) Clever construction

The heavy-duty steel construction of the CL range results in durable stoves that have excellent heat outputs. With a high performance firebox lining, the CL contemporary wood burning stoves have an enhanced combustion process, resulting in high efficiencies of over 80%. All this heat is also easy to control, with a primary air control to manually adjust the running temperature. Another key feature of the CL range is the levelling system, which ensures complete stability on uneven surfaces.

3.) Top technology

CL contemporary wood burning stoves incorporate outstanding technology to make your stove as efficient and flexible for you as possible. Excess hydrocarbons are burned using innovative Cleanburn technology, resulting in less smoke and more flames! An Airwash system creates a flow of air down the stove glass, keeping the glass cleaner for longer and allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view. What’s more, many of the contemporary wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves in the range can come with optional Smoke Control Kits, making them suitable for use even in urban areas.

4.) Sizes to suit you

From the CL3 all the way up to the CL8, the Yeoman range of contemporary stoves has a variety of options to suit your home. So whether you require the compact proportions of the CL3, or the high 8kW heat output of the CL8, you can find a contemporary wood burning stove to suit your living space. If you opt for the CL5 Midline or CL5 Highline you will also benefit from a convenient integral log store. Both the CL5 and CL8 are available purely as contemporary wood burning stoves, whereas the CL3, CL5 Midline and CL5 Highline are multi-fuel stoves.

5.) Boiler stoves to heat your home

You can even use a contemporary wood burning stove to heat more rooms in your home! The CL8HB high-output boiler stove has all the great looks of the CL range, with the added bonus of being capable of heating up to 9 radiators and your domestic hot water. This means you not only get an attractive contemporary wood burning stove for your room, but you can also reduce your alliance on gas and oil.

To find out more about the incredible Yeoman contemporary wood burning stove range, speak to your local Yeoman retailer.

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