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Top 5 log burners

Yeoman’s stoves were designed for coping with Dartmoor’s harsh winters, providing heating that was both practical as well as a beautiful piece for the home. Here are our top 5 picks to get you started on choosing your next Yeoman stove.

Exe wood burning stove

The Exe wood burning stove offers a variety of styling options, coming in a range of different colours as well as flattop or canopy versions. When fitted with a multi-fuel kit, the Yeoman Exe can also burn suitable smokeless fuels.

Exe wood burning

Dartmoor gas stove

The Dartmoor gas stove offers both high efficiency as well as highly realistic design. Made to look just like a gas log burner, the Dartmoor is available for conventional flue installations as well as balanced flue. This means that even most homes without a chimney can have a gas log burner, as balanced flue stoves do not require one.

Dartmoor Gas

Exmoor gas stove

Compact yet charming, the Exmoor gas wood burner brings an impressive 2.6kW heat output and the option to upgrade from manual operation to a programmable thermostatic remote control. This neat gas log burner is also available as wood, multi-fuel or electric versions.

Exmoor gas

CL5 Highline wood burning stove

The CL5 Highline wood burning stove is one of Yeoman’s contemporary log burners. Tall with sleek styling, the CL5 Highline offers an integrated log store so that your firewood can be stored neatly. When fitted with a smoke control kit, this stove can also be used in Smoke Control Zones.

CL5 Highline wood burning stove

CL Milner multi-fuel inset fire

Designed with standard British fireplaces in mind, the CL Milner can be installed into a 16” – 18” wide and 20” – 22” high fireplace, without the need to remove the Milner Brick (chair brick). This inset fire can also be used in Smoke Control Areas, when fitted with a Smoke Control Kit.

If you like the look of any of our top 5 log burner options, get in touch with your local retailer.

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