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Understanding smoke control areas

What is a smoke control area?

If you live in a town or a city, it is most likely that you live in what is called a Smoke Control Area, sometimes called a smoke control zone. These areas were put in place following the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 to reduce pollution derived from smoke, dust and fumes from domestic and industrial buildings.

You can check if you are in a smoke control area by contacting your local council.

What can you burn in a Smoke Control Area?

In these areas, you can only burn authorised smokeless fuels. You can find a list of authorised fuels on the DEFRA website so that you can check you are complying with regulations in your area. If you live in a Smoke Control Area, you can use a multi-fuel appliance as long as you are burning authorised smokeless fuels.

In a Smoke Control Area you cannot burn wood unless on an approved appliance. If you want to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area, you can use a DEFRA-exempt appliance.

Many of Yeoman’s wood burning and multi-fuel log burners are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Be careful with what wood you purchase

Even if your product is approved for use in Smoke Control Areas, it is essential to buy the right firewood for burning. Wood that has been freshly cut from a tree is not suitable, and neither is any kind of treated wood such as pallets or furniture. These can create all kinds of harmful gases and smoke, and can damage your appliance.

Our recommended fuel supplier, Certainly Wood, stocks ‘Woodsure Ready to Burn Firewood’. If you see the Ready to Burn logo, this is a UK accreditation that certifies the wood has a low moisture content of below 20%. You can find out more on the benefits of burning drying firewood on this useful blog.

If you are unsure whether the stove you are choosing is suitable for use in your area, speak to your local retailer who will be able to advise.

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