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Whole Home Heating with a High-Output Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove

Even though the sun is shining, now is the perfect time to consider how you will heat your home this winter. A multi-fuel stove such as the Yeoman County or CL5 will deliver traditional or contemporary charm, but its warming influence will only be felt in one room.

For whole-home heating, why not consider a multi-fuel boiler stove? Yeoman has designed five stoves specifically to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements. A multi-fuel boiler stove can be capable of feeding up to 19 radiators. However, as radiators come in a variety of sizes and capacities, it is important to consult a qualified heating engineer to ensure the multi-fuel stove you choose can meet your heating requirements.

A Yeoman multi-fuel boiler stove can also augment your existing heating system using cutting-edge ‘link up’ technology. Using this innovative technology can reduce your reliance on gas or oil and help you decrease your heating fuel costs.

There are many benefits to choosing a multi-fuel boiler stove, primarily that a multi-fuel stove will accept a range of materials to burn, including wood logs, peat, turf briquettes or coal. With the exception of wood logs, these fuels are ‘smokeless’ and are therefore eligible to be burned in smoke control areas affected by the Clean Air Acts.

Multi-fuel stoves are typically highly efficient, with ratings in the Yeoman range of up to an impressive 77%, making them perfect for heating your home. The multi-fuel high-output boiler stoves are equipped with the latest Airwash and Cleanburn technology, contributing to this great efficiency.

Not only that, these multi-fuel boiler stoves will also deliver wonderful warmth into the room in which it is installed. You can enjoy all the usual benefits and atmosphere of a multi-fuel stove, with plenty of added bonuses.

Style is no problem with a Yeoman multi-fuel boiler stove. The five models cover both traditional and contemporary looks, from the country-classic of the County range, to the sleek lines of the CL Multi-fuel boiler stoves, so you are sure to find a model to suit both your heating and style needs.

Wood burning only boiler options are also available.

Transform your heating system today, for more information please contact your local Yeoman retailer.

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