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Why choose an electric stove?

Warm, glowing logs and soaring flames from a wood burner are ever popular, but owning one does not suit everyone’s lifestyle. Likewise, for all its convenience and aesthetic versatility, gas stoves and fires are not always viable. An electric stove makes a great alternative and suits any household – without the need for a chimney. There are a variety of Yeoman electric stoves for you to choose from, and here are some of the benefits.

Variety of styles

Yeoman electric stoves come in an array of different designs to suit your interior styling. There are a host of traditional freestanding stoves for you to choose from, emulating woodburning visuals but without the hassle of storing logs and lighting fires. These can be further enhanced with details such as baskets of logs or log holders to really boost the woodburning aesthetic.
If this is not your desired result, perhaps look toward more modern designs such as the clean lines of the Yeoman CL range. Varying from standard to midline and highline versions, there is a style to choose any contemporary interior.

Ease of installation

Along with their visual versatility, an electric stove also comes with the ultimate in ease of installation. Requiring only a three-pin plug socket to function, you can move the stove from room to room, and plug in for instant heat. Of course, there is the option to put your own stamp on an installation. Whether you build a faux chimney breast, or tailor your stove to be a freestanding focal point, you can create an installation that is entirely individual to your home.

Modern technologies

Yeoman electric stoves come with modern technologies and settings that make heating your living space even easier. Many come with a remote control, giving you complete control over your fire’s capabilities from the comfort of your sofa, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the mesmerising flame visuals in your home.

Whichever your choice, enjoy a Yeoman electric stove for its striking visual presence – with, or without the heat. Find your Yeoman stove at your local expert retailer.

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