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Wood burning stoves – efficiency, warmth and ambience

Wood burning stoves offer you the opportunity to heat not only your home but, when opting for a boiler model, your domestic hot water, radiators and underfloor heating too. They utilise a renewable fuel type that is largely considered to be carbon neutral and allows you to tap into your hunter gatherer instincts – sourcing wood and making a fire is immensely satisfying and appeals to our growing preference for simple, practical living and its associated delights.

Designers and manufacturers of stoves and fires have responded to the multi-faceted appeal of owning a wood burning stove. Today’s market has a wealth of styles to choose from with traditional, contemporary and ultra modern tastes all catered for, not to mention our varying requirements when it comes to budget. Many manufacturers are also incorporating technically advanced features and designing stoves with increasingly innovative functions, for example, Cleanburn. This feature generates the optimum burning conditions required to ensure your fuel is used as effectively as possible, meaning you use less and save money. Airwash is also frequently built in as standard to keep the glass in your wood burning stove door clear for wonderful views of flames and glowing embers.

For a classic woodburner look, the Devon from Yeoman is a much revered choice. It is crafted from a combination of heavy duty steel and cast iron, the latter of which is a traditional material for wood burning stoves and fires due to its ability to diffuse heat slowly. It may also be cast more thickly in areas that require additional strength and has the versatility to be sculpted into attractive designs. The Devon comes in a choice of four colour finishes and has an efficiency rating of up to 81%.

If you prefer a simpler design, the CL5 Midline from Yeoman still has a ‘modern traditional’ style but with clean lines and sophisticated detailing. The polished stainless steel features are in keeping with a contemporary aesthetic and add a smart touch. The CL5 Midline and its counterpart the CL5 Highline have a handy log store which raises the firebox for lovely views of the flames. These woodburners also have a high efficiency rating (up to 85%) and a heat output of up to 4.9kW which is enough for a standard sitting room.

If you would like to make the very most of your wood burning stove, you could choose to install a boiler stove which will not only warm you up on a chilly day but also heat your water and feed the radiators in your home. The great news is that some dedicated wood burning boiler stoves are eligible for a 5% VAT rate because they adhere to the Government’s Energy Saving Materials initiative. Yeoman’s dedicated wood burning County 60 and County 80 high output boiler stoves are two models that meet the criteria and will link up to your existing central heating system so you can reduce your dependence on oil and other fuels and utilise wood logs.

If you live in a town or city, you may think that wood burning isn’t an option for you, but, provided you install a stove that is either approved for use in smoke control areas, or has a kit to convert it to urban use, you will be able to burn it as frequently as if you lived in the countryside. You can find out more about Smoke Control Areas and whether or not you live in one by visiting the Defra website as well as speaking with your Local Authority.

For further advice about wood burning stoves, visit your local Yeoman retailer for expert advice on all aspects and to arrange a survey of your property. You can find your nearest showroom by using our quick and easy postcode search on the Yeoman website.

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