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Yeoman partners with Certainly Wood to plant new trees across Britain

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Certainly Wood, leading British firewood supplier! The environment is important to us, and to our customers. That’s why we are collaborating with Certainly Wood to plant new trees across Britain in our #GreenBritain campaign – and you can help us achieve our goal.

We aim to plant 10,000 trees each year, in managed woodland where firewood can be sustainably sourced. For every wood burning or multi-fuel stove or fire you register with Yeoman, we will jointly plant a tree – it’s really that simple.

To say thank you for helping us reach our goal, Certainly Wood will send you a Fire Starter Kit direct to your door, containing all you need to light your first fire in your newly registered product, including:
• Kiln dried logs
• Kiln dried kindling
• Box of matches
• Flamers natural firelighters
• £20 off voucher for your first order!

It is so important that you burn the right firewood in your stove or fire. Wood that is not intended for burning, such as wet/freshly felled wood, or treated wood like pallet wood or furniture, can create all kinds of harmful gases when burnt. To get the most from your appliance, and to be part of the story to improve air quality and reduce emissions, burn quality wood in your new stove or fire. Our partner Certainly Wood are dedicated to providing Woodsure Ready to Burn firewood from sustainable British woodland. Find out more about the campaign at

“If you have to burn wood this winter, make sure you use the right fuel and the right kit – you can make a huge difference”

– Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan


Register your stove or fire here. Share photos of your new stove or fire, and be part of this campaign using:
@yeoman_stoves | #Yeomanstoves | #GreenBritain

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