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The Yeoman solid fuel range – choose your stove to suit your lifestyle

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Traced back to a quaint little farm on Dartmoor, Yeoman’s rustic origins span over 30 years – producing a wide range of contemporary and traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stoves that feature our signature, heritage designs.

All solid fuel Yeoman stoves are carefully designed to burn cleanly or efficiently, whether you choose wood burning or multi-fuel models, giving you the flexibility to select whichever fuel type suits your lifestyle.


Featuring cleanburn technology, many Yeoman stoves are exempt from Smoke Control Area restrictions, meaning you can burn logs whether you live in a town, city or the countryside.

Wood is classed as a environmentally friendly fuel – especially when burnt cleanly on Yeoman stoves featuring advanced combustion systems. A carbon neutral option, wood releases approximately the same amount of carbon dioxide as absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, especially when harvested from cultivated woodland.

To get the most out of your wood, we recommend seasoning it for at least 2 years to make sure it is dry enough to burn well and release the maximum heat output. Burning wood with a lower moisture content also prevents tar building up in the chimney.

Solid fuels

Smokeless fuels and anthracite can be burnt on Yeoman multi-fuel stoves, thanks to their riddling grate. This allows ash buildup to be removed into a handy ash pan creating better conditions for burning smokeless fuels.

Boiler stoves

Some Yeoman wood burning and multi fuel stoves are designed as high output boiler models, allowing you to connect them to your central heating system and heat your whole house – whilst lowering your use of other energy sources such as gas or oil.

Whichever stove you choose, Yeoman’s broad range of high quality heating appliances offer you beautiful styles that will fit into any home – whilst keeping you warm for years to come. For added convenience why not consider gas or electric stoves?

To truly experience Yeoman stoves, visit your local retailer.


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